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The Power Of Red Repairs.

Dear Future Client: 

You simply deserve the best. 

MyShoeConcierge, often referred to as Red Repairs —is a shoe repair specialist concierge service based in Los Angeles, California. No matter how damaged, shoes will return to their true potential. No-slip grip soles without the rubber design. 

Seeing Is Believing.

We’ve Got Sole.

Confidence in every step.


Our transparent, mirrored-sole installation protect bottoms from scratching again. They are extremely durable and can last 10+ wears (if not infinite)! These transparent soles also create a non-slip grip, similarly to the outdated rubber-bottomed Louboutin repairs. No scratches, no stumbles: without the altered look of rubber design!

Wearing After Repair..

After repairing this pair of Christian Louboutin shoes - I then wore them once to an event which was indoors - although I did walk outside quite a bit on gravel and cement throughout the night. These are the end results. Still gorgeous. When you repair or even just seal your shoes with @redrepairs - they take away the problem of your red bottoms scratching again. If you’re wearing your shoes off of the red carpet, seal them!!!

- @Kamilah via Instagram

We Deliver: In More Ways Than One.

Los Angeles Concierge


For those of you who live in Los Angeles, we hand-deliver: picking up clients’ shoes and dropping them off after they’ve been perfected by our shoe repair specialists. You may schedule your pick-up time on our client appointment calendar (sent after inquiring service). As a concierge, we work around YOUR schedule! Drivers only carry one delivery at a time: ensuring your shoes will be in transit on their own ride back to our warehouse closet - better known as our “shoe vault”. One client’s delivery is carried at a time to ensure individualized attention, driver safety, and the highest amount hygienic handling. Our in person pick up and drop off will make the process much quicker (as we won’t have to worry about postal time).

Nationwide Ship-Back


Nationwide clients will be responsible for shipping their shoes in - and we will have them shipped back free of cost! While your shoes are being worked on, request updates around the clock of the progress of your repairs. Receive photos before your items are shipped back and sign off to accept. Shoes are mailed back free of cost and available for 7-14 day ship-back to all 50 states.



Not only does our paperwork keep the both of us safe from any unethical behavior, but we customize the process to each and every one of our clients! We hold ourselves completely liable for your pumps while in our possession.  

E-contracts for local delivery are due 24 hours before home pick up.

Nationwide clients will be emailed the paperwork with delivery instructions before sending shoes in. This paperwork must be sent back including your signed E-Contract and attached photos of your item(s) in great detail. You will be required to provide a working tracking number with your shipment. We will do the same when shipping back!


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